2014 CSUCH Infographics – Archived Resources

Substance Use Costs and Harms

2014 Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms Infographics – Archived Resources

The following infographics highlight the substance use costs and harms for the Canadian provinces and territories in 2014. These publications were current when they were published and are now archived on the CCSA website. They are available for reference or research purposes. You can download the infographics for reference use or actively analyse the data using the CSUCH online data visualization tool.

Key highlights from the 2014 data include:
  • Per-person costs were higher than the 2014 national average in the Atlantic Provinces, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the territories, and lower in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.
  • Alcohol use was responsible for the greatest proportion of costs related to substance use in nine of 12 provinces and territories.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were the exceptions, where costs related to tobacco use were higher.
  • In most provinces and territories:
    • Lost productivity accounted for the greatest proportion of costs related to alcohol and opioid use;
    • Healthcare costs accounted for the greatest proportion of costs related to tobacco use; and
    • Criminal justice costs accounted for the greatest proportion of costs related to cannabis use in all regions.
  • Between 2007 and 2014, costs attributable to opioid use increased in most provinces. In some provinces, costs attributable to cannabis use increased more than 20%, while costs attributable to cocaine use decreased more than 50%.


To download standalone, full-size infographics for each province and territory, click the icons below. If you wish to compare a specific region to the Canadian average, download the national infographic.

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