The Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms report presents estimates of the costs of substance use in Canada from 2007 to 2014, broken down by:

Snapshot of Findings

In 2014,

Alcohol ($14.6 billion or 38.1% of the total cost)
Tobacco ($12.0 billion or 31.2% of the total cost)
Opioids ($3.5 billion or 9.1% of the total cost)
Cannabis ($2.8 billion or 7.3% of the total cost)
Lost Productivity
Lost productivity ($15.7 billion or 40.8% of the total cost)
Healthcare costs ($11.1 billion or 29.0% of the total cost)
Criminal Justice
Criminal justice costs ($9.0 billion or 23.3% of the total cost)
Other Direct Costs
Other Direct Costs ($2.7 billion or 7.0% of the total cost)
Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
Nunavut Nunavut

Between 2007 and 2014,

  • The per-person costs associated with SU increased 5.5% from $1,025 per person in 2007 to approximately $1,081 in 2014
  • The per-person costs associated with alcohol use increased by 11.6% from $369 per person to $412 per person
  • Per-person costs increased by 19.1% for cannabis ($67 to $79) and 6.8% for tobacco ($315 to $337)
  • Per-person costs decreased by 24.6% for cocaine ($84 to $63) and by 17.9% for other substances ($20 to $16)

Get detailed results and methods

More detailed results and methods can be found in the accompanying Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms: Technical Report. Please contact us for a copy of the technical report.